Conceptual Estimator starter tips

1. Logging in

The Bldbox Conceptual Estimator is a web-based application that you can use on any device connected to the internet. You can log in here using your Bldbox Conceptual Estimator account. If you are a Procore user, you may use your Procore’s account to log in.

Log in form

2. Preparing estimator to the work

Conceptual Estimator predicts the costs of your next project based on your historical projects costs. So, first, you need to provide these historical data to train the model which is unique for every user.

Instructions for Procore users

After logging in, you will see the Historical Data tab where you can select and import your completed historical projects to Bldbox. It is a necessary step, so we can build an estimation model specific to your data.

Historical data tab

Click on "Import from Procore", then, in appeared dialog, choose Multifamily Type of projects that will be imported and select completed multi-family projects from the list accordingly. If you got other types of projects, repeat this procedure for each type. Please note that the recent projects are more preferable than 10+ -years old projects. Projects should be completed (not in progress), in the overall model of each type requires 10-20 historical projects.

Procore project list

Imported data may require some additional information to input manually. Click on the imported project with the status ‘Edit Required’ and then fill in highlighted blank fields.

Edit historical project

When editing is done click Submit button and then ‘Next’ button to move to the next project. If the project were mistakenly imported you can remove it by clicking Remove project in the upper panel while editing. Please check that all imported projects are fully processed and submitted.

Instructions for Bldbox account users

If you are using Bldbox account (not Procore) you can add historical data manually in the Historical data tab. Hit Add completed project, then you will be able to enter main project parameters and cost data. When you finish entering project data hit Submit.

Please note, projects of each type (multifamily, retail, hotel etc.) should be 10-20 for higher model accuracy.

3. Modeling

Modeling requires some time, usually, it takes 1-2 week. We may contact you during this period requesting more information. When modeling is done you will receive a notification on email.